On Easter Sunday, families gather to…watch a Liberal infomercial

In what is apparently a last-ditch effort to gain support before the election, the Liberal have bought a half-hour time slot on Global and City TV for Sunday afternoon.  The show will be an “up-close-and-personal TV special about Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party’s plan to strengthen families and defend Canada’s health care system.”

I honestly can’t imagine why anyone would want to spend any time at all on Easter Sunday watching an advertisement for a political political party.  On a day where many Canadians are getting together with family, the Liberal party seems to think that they will put off anything else that they have planned, and watch a show explaining the greatness that is Michael Ignatieff.

Seriously, whose idea was that?  Do they expect anyone to watch it?  Do they think undecided voters are sitting around hoping one of the political parties will air an infomercial to tell them how to vote?

If this is the Liberal Party’s best shot for winning the election, then they clearly have no idea what they need to do to inspire Canadians.  Showing a big ad on a day where people will probably be spending time with family is not going to change the sad state of affairs for the Liberals in the polls.  This really just highlights how adrift the party as been since leaving power.  And without a big shakeup through the upper echelons of the party, it looks like the Liberals are going to be on the wrong side of the House of Commons for a very long time.


2 Responses to On Easter Sunday, families gather to…watch a Liberal infomercial

  1. Adam Walker says:

    Easter Sunday infomercial – symbolic of the resurrection of the Liberal party? Or, the Liberals are in a panic that the NDP is on the rise.

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