It Could Be Worse…

As much as I like to complain about the sorry state of affairs in Canadian politics, it could definitely be worse.

The United States has yet to pass its budget for fiscal year 2011, which runs from October 2010 to September 2011.  That’s right, they are halfway through the fiscal year, and technically they haven’t decided how much they are going to spend yet.  And if they don’t come up with either a full budget (not happening) or at least a stopgap (possible) by midnight tonight, then government services start shutting down.  Almost a million federal employees are essentially told to not come to work, because they won’t get paid.

The stopgap measures are being held up by the majority Republicans wanting spending cuts in certain sectors, while the Democrats want less spending in different sectors.  Oh, and the Republicans want a bunch of social conservative measures tacked on, for some reason.  If the Republicans get their way, Obama has suggested that he might just veto the bill, which would have the same result as if nothing had passed.  But neither party is willing to address the projected $1.4 trillion deficit.  For a point of comparison, that’s about the same as Canada’s GDP.

It’s situations like these that makes me think that minority Parliaments may not be so bad after all.


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